Katie Costello

A native of the South, Katie grew up in suburban Birmingham, Alabama.  She attended Auburn University and was awarded a BA in Textile, Clothing & Fashion Design.   Katie began working in oil and then watercolor while living in Atlanta, and later in Northern New England.  She was inspired by the natural grandeur of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and the rugged coast of “down east” Maine.  After moving to Orange County and subsequent exposure to California Impressionists, Katie’s love of oil painting was rediscovered.

As an artist, her goal is to do more than simply capture an image, be it landscape, figure or still life.  Katie seeks to share with the viewer the joy and awe she feels as she paints.   She tries to touch something in the viewers being, to make them more aware; to “see” the beauty that surrounds us.  Katie loves the challenges of plein air painting; the ever changing light, the weather’s many moods and the pesky bugs.  She enjoys chatting with the interested passer-by about the beauty around us, and her love of painting.  She often learns much about nature and local history from the people she meets while painting in the field.

Katie is an active member of the Southern California Plein Air Painters Association and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.  Katie is married and has three wodaughters.

Website: www.KatieCostello.com